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Madston Black

Web-based app

Jedi Executive Coaching Tool

Madston Black specialises in leadership development and executive coaching. Surface Digital was asked to design and build a new website and a custom designed coaching tool. The project was delivered in two stages.

First we designed and built the public website. The next stage was to design and build the coaching tool. The aim was to help streamline the reporting process for coaches and staff and to offer greater value to clients by providing them with a portal to track progress.

We began with some research and analysis of the existing process for reporting and sharing the outcomes of executive coaching sessions. Working with the client team we were then able to define the business case and identify a ‘wishlist’ of features. Focussing on the features that would deliver the most value to the client we then came back with a solution that would be achievable within the available budget and timeline. 

The system allows administrators to create clients, jobs, participants and coaches and then assign individual coaches to individual participants. Following a coaching session, coaches are then able to login to view a list of the participants assigned to them and add meeting notes and details. The manager on the client-side can also login to view progress and relevant job details.

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